The main function of Kelantan Public Library Corporation is divided into three (3) main activities which is Management Activities, Library Development Activities and Information Services Activity. Each activity has sub-activities or their own parts to achieve the goals and objectives of Kelantan Public Library Corporation

The Main Activity

  • Management Activities
    • Management Services and Human Resources
    • Planning and Corporate Relations
    • Information Technology
  • Library Development Activities
    • Acquisition Materials
    • Documentation Materials
  • Information Services Activity
    • Reading Promotions
    • General Information Services
Management Management Services and Human Resources Administration and Human Resources
Planning and Corporate Relations Planning and Development
Information Technology Information Technology
Library Collection Development Acquisition Materials Collection Acquisition
Documentation Materials Documentation and Technical
Information Services Reading Promotions Literacy
General Information Services Library Services

Client charter

Consistent with Kelantan Public Library Corporation Mission, Vision and Objectives Library as a center of excellence in education, we are committed to perform the duties as contained in the client charter.

  • Processing library membership application within the twenty (20) minutes on working days.
  • Ensuring the process of borrowing reading materials to be done in two (2) minutes for every customer except on the peak hours.
  • Ensuring the latest reading materials are available on the shelf for customer in Kota Bharu for references within two (2) weeks time.
  • Referral services provided to help you in finding your reading materials within one (1) day.
  • Giving feedback to customer’s full report within fourteen (14) working days.

Objective, Mission and Vision



a) Organization Leadership

Strategy I
Strengthening the structure, function and role of the State Public Library in the development of the state.

  • Strengthening leadership State Public Library
  • Improve the performance of management and administration of State Public Library
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness in achieving the vision and mission of the State Public Library

Human Resources

Strategy II
Enhance comprehensive human resources through a comprehensive and effective program.

  • Provide competency development program for all employees.
  • Ensure that all members of the course/exam required.
  • Digitization Program continuously improve member for supporting the vision and mission of the library.

b) Building Infrastructure

Strategy III
Broaden and strengthen libraries across the state.

  • Expanding the range of library services throughout the state.
  • Ensuring Public Library under the Development Project Five-Year Malaysia is on schedule

Collection Development

Strategy IV
Enhancing information resource management and development

  • Develop sufficient information based on the Current Standards.
  • Managing information resources by Current Standards.

Strategy V
State Centre of Excellence Knowledge strengthens the State Public Library as the centre of excellence of the State Knowledge resources.

  • Strengthen the collection of the State
  • Improve the delivery of services and information about the State
  • Extending the development of local digital content
  • Enhance heritage resources of the State

c) Information and Communication Technology

Strategy VI
Improving information and communication technology infrastructure and facilitate access to information resources to reduce the digital divide and knowledge.

  • Maximize the application of information and communication technology in the management and operation of the library.
  • Ensure effective operation of the integrated library system to ensure the quality of library services.

d) Services

Strategy VII
Provides library services and information quality

  • Ensure the delivery of library and information services that meet consumers' satisfaction.
  • Providing library and information services environment conducive

e) Users

Strategy VIII
Intensify programs reading and lifelong learning.

  • Expand the implementation of motion read.
  • A catalyst for lifelong learning


Cultivating Knowledgeable Society "Melahirkan Masyarakat Berbudaya Ilmu"


Providing Information and Knowledge Infrastructure Resources For All Society


A Reading Society, A Successful Society

Core services

The roles played by Kelantan Public Library Corporation are as follows:

  • Prepare and manage the same reading materials available for loan or reference to the local population.
  • Cultivate an interest in reading, tap and nurture talent residents to become citizens of the habit of reading, innovative, creative and productive.
  • Lead in the development of libraries & librarianship at the state level.
  • Intellectual heritage preservation repository state.
  • Enhance library services.
  • Improve service delivery through ICT.
  • Provide programs that contribute to the development and collection of information.

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