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The main function of Kelantan Public Library Corporation is divided into three (3) main activities which is Management Activities, Library Development Activities and Information Services Activity. Each activity has sub-activities or their own parts to achieve the goals and objectives of Kelantan Public Library Corporation

The Main Activity

  • Management Activities
    • Management Services and Human Resources
    • Planning and Corporate Relations
    • Information Technology
  • Library Development Activities
    • Acquisition Materials
    • Documentation Materials
  • Information Services Activity
    • Reading Promotions
    • General Information Services
Management Management Services and Human Resources Administration and Human Resources
Planning and Corporate Relations Planning and Development
Information Technology Information Technology
Library Collection Development Acquisition Materials Collection Acquisition
Documentation Materials Documentation and Technical
Information Services Reading Promotions Literacy Movement
General Information Services Library Services

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Kelantan Public Library Corporation
Jalan Mahmood, 15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Coordinate : 6°07'21.0"N 102°14'24.6"E
Phone : +60 9-744 4522, +60 9-741 2522
Fax : +60 9-748 7736
Email : ppak[at]
Phone Circulation Counter : +60 9-741 2520

Lilac Turquoise Blue Salmon