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From the desk of director

Alhamdulillah, thanks to the Almighty, because with His grace that we are finally in Kelantan Public Library Corporation. On this occasion I as the director of Kelantan Public Library Corporation would like to give my greetings to all users and staff and i hope this message will guide the staff in Kelantan Public Library Corporation (PPAK) to improve their performance in performing their duties. I am personally value and appreciate of each contributions, labor and sacrifices made ​​by all staff in PPAK.

The establishment of PPAK is to manage, maintain and expand the use of books and library materials specifically for the community. In line with PPAK Client Charter which is to give the best of our services to our value customer in a friendly and efficient way for inquiries, suggestions and complaints that will be responded within 24 hours. PPAK also provides a quality information in accordance with the requirements of our users in various fields. In PPAK also there is reference counter that is willing to lend a hand and help users by answer all the inquiries immediately even though verbally through the phone.

On this occasion also, I personally remind to staffs to always provide the best services to users. In line with the main role of PPAK which is to nurture interest in reading among the local residents to become citizens to be more interested in reading, innovative, creative and productive.

Lastly, I hope PPAK staff will be able to enhance the spirit in empowering and providing a quality library services to ensure the delivery of information to meet the customer satisfaction in providing library services for the reading program and lifelong learning to attract and cultured the society with knowledge.

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Lilac Turquoise Blue Salmon